Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Ok it's that time of the year where I promise to do better and blog more. I will....I promise...at least through the summer lol

So no promises of being better!! I'm just going to blog when I find time. I'm hoping it will become a regular thing but if not oh well! I follow other blogs and Pinterest religiously so really I'm good ;)

I do have some goodies to share, however as I type this I'm knee deep in summer school...literally.

So I will post my reading activities soon!! I promise ;)

I am excited to announce that I will be moving schools again this year. I know I know, I'm a self-proclaimed gypsy, never staying in one place for too long ;) 

This move is really based on the economy. It is too expensive to continue living in Midland during the boom. Everyone around me is making and charging an oil field salary and I'm trying to cut it on a measly teacher salary. Which we all know is not an easy task!! So alas, I'm setting off for Andrews, TX. Good news it's only 45 minutes away so I can still visit my homies ;). 

This move also means I will be teaching a new subject....5th grade math. I'm really excited about this. Call me crazy but I'm way better at math than English. Plus this year has taught me to really love teaching just one subject. I fell you can really go deeper, even just with your teacher knowledge. I know my TEKS front and back and inside out. Which helps me become a better teacher because I can plan, plan, plan!!

Ok ok. I'm done for now. Sorry I have nothing super interesting to post but I must say I love summer because I have wonderful glorious time!! For me I use this time planning and creating for next year. Throw apartment hunting, packing, moving, and vacation in there and you can see I'll be a busy little bee!! 

Until next time!!

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