Friday, July 6, 2012

Big Ol' Busy Bee

Believe it or not I've been a VERY busy girl all within a couple of days.

I'm still busy with The Daily 5 book study, prepping to move (and spending money :P), and getting ready for workshops and training.

Aaaaannnnddd my computer is acting up today!! I haven't even spent my normal time on pinterest....tear!! Ha!

I'm most excited about my trip to Dallas. Half of the trip will be for a workshop on Capturing Kids' Hearts (the behavior model my new school uses). The other half will be a celebration of my birthday!! I will be spending time with my mother (who I never get to see :) and my cousins.

I'm soooo stinking EXCITED!!!

Anywho this is my world right now
And then some!!! I'm busy trying to organize my planbook for next year as well!! More on that later!!

I better get back to work and off this possessed computer!!

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