Monday, July 9, 2012

Workshops, Traveling and Ideas Oh My!!!

Ok with everything floating in around in my head this feels like its going to be a long post so I apologize in advance :)

Today I attended part one of a two day Texas Adolescent Literacy Academy training for writing...whew it wears my out just typing the name. That is also exactly how I feel WORN OUT!!!

Days and days of lazing around my grandmother's house have proved my brain is severely out of shape!!! So hopefully tomorrow night I will recover have time to gather my insights so I can share!!

I saw something interesting and awe-inspiring today!!

The workshop was held at Midland High School and these were written on the back of the bathroom stalls.

I only got two pics (I didn't wanna be the weirdo snappin pics in the

Midland has suffered several teen suicides over the past year, so these uplifting messages just seem so neat and thoughtful!!

Even though the bathroom seems like an odd choice, how many times do you think there are crying teens sitting in these stalls?? These positive messages fit just perfectly!!

I'm so proud to be a part of a community that bands together like that to support each other :)

Now I'm starting to wonder if my superintendent will let me do something similar in our bathrooms.....hmmmm ;)

Ok so this really won't be as long as I had brain has officially run out of steam!!!

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  1. That's Kind of the thought with bars and clubs who put advertisements inside the bathroom stalls. They have a captive audience.

    Maybe we should out some site words, or math problems, or yes inspirational message, I mean they're sitting their they might as well be doing something meaningful! lol.

    Adventures in Room 5

  2. Your blog is adorable! I can tell you have the same love for bright bold colors and animal print like I do! When I was reading your About Me, I thought it was so funny you have a dachshund named Remi, because my best friend also has a dachshund named Remi! Small World! :) I look forward to following your blog!

    Elementary Adventure

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