Saturday, July 7, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 3

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Is up to Chapter 3 in The Daily 5. I have to say the more I read the more I fall in LOVE!!

My mind is racing with things to do in my new classroom (I've only been in it once and the anticipation is KILLING me!!!!). I'm trying to figure out how to tweek the model to not only fit my schedule but my older kids.

My biggest concern as I hit Chapter 3 is Anchor Charts.

(I must admit I'm a horrible teach who has never used them. In my defense I never learned how to do them. I know SHAME ON ME!!)

The Sisters say:
"Discussions are held and children's thinking about student teacher behaviors during the Daily 5 is recorded on the charts. These are posted in the room so the children's thoughts and learning can be referred to all year long."

This sticks with me. Everything I put on the walls and around the classroom I want to be a learning tool. So having the charts with our procedures and discussion on the wall all year long seems like a no brainer.

So what's my problem??

Well along with never really having utilized the paper charts, I'm more used to (and comfortable) with technology.

That's why I never really used the charts before. I had a Smartboard, so this is where all our classroom discussions found their home. So I have made Anchor Charts...premade and on the fly. So using paper shouldn't be to difficult right????

I'm only worried my administration will think I'm crazy!! My room comes equipped with an Elmo and a Smartboard I'm sure they'll wonder why I'm not using them!!

I guess I'll just have to suggest they read The Daily 5 to learn the method to my madness :)

Now I just have to get in the classroom and start working!!!

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  1. Don't feel bad about not using anchor charts. I had never heard that word in my teacher prep and never saw teachers use them in the classrooms I observed in. I only started using them in my class because we had no technology, not even an old fashioned projector. I had to draw everything on chart paper for the kids to see, and I figured if I was making them I'd better hang them up and not waste them.

    So here's my issue with anchor charts. I am terrible at making them on the fly with the kids. I have a hard time writing giant, and making it look cute and everything. Plus I can't draw. So I had been pre-drawing them and having the kids add their input etc. However I know that's not as effective.

    Now I just recently got a smart board and document camera. I think I could make the charts with the kids if I didn't have to awkwardly lean over and write gigantic. So, do anchor charts need to be huge? Or can they be small on regular sized paper. I was thinking I'd post the color one on the board, and make copies and have kids put them in their journals. Then I can pull them out and revisit them on the document camera if necessary.

    Sorry about writing the novel on your page lol. Hope you don't mind

    Adventures in Room 5

    1. I don't mind at all!! I totally understand what you mean about it being awkward writing on the charts. I'm a lefty so its awkard writing on any board or anything in front of the students. And trying to keep it neat?? Oh geez lol.

      But the teacher who posted about Chapter 3 on We Read We Blog We Teach talked about the cool anchor charts on pinterest and how the book stresses that its not important to have "pretty" charts. I think the main idea is having a place to write the direct thoughts and feedback of the children. I don't see anything wrong with using the document camera to do this. Especially if you made copies for the students. I thought about doing somewhat of the same thing on the Smartboard and putting the page back up when we are doing the Daily 5.

      I'm not sure, but I'm relieved to find someone else who doesn't seem as skilled as the rest of these "super" teachers lol. My strong belief in the classroom is do what is best for you. The students respond best when you are comfortable and confident.